About Us

Precision Laser Cleaning was established in 2018 with a mission to provide the best in innovation and experience to expertly clean, restore, preserve and maintain with nothing more than the touch of light.

Our experts use sophisticated laser technology that enables just the right level and area of laser light to clean precisely and without damage, residue or runoff.

PLC is a division of The Steamatic Group which has been on the forefront of innovation within the restoration and specialist cleaning market since 1986.

With a reach of over 30 Steamatic locations nationally, PLC are Australia’s largest and leading laser cleaning service provider. Our laser service experts service the domestic, commercial, heritage and industrial sectors.

PLC can assist you in determining the suitability and benefits of laser cleaning for your needs and Steamatic can supply a full range of professional and specialised cleaning services.

Heritage Preservation Partner of CSOS Inc.

PLC is proud to be exclusive partner of CSOS Inc, respected international leaders in heritage conservation. CSOS Inc have been conserving valuable art and architecture for over 20 years and are the first company to use laser cleaning on large scale conservation projects.

CSOS and PLC work together on major conservation projects to ensure the ideal approach and best outcome.

Together we have the ability to offer a range of traditional and modern conservation techniques for your projects.

For more information about PLC, or our partner CSOS, please get in touch