HOW Does Laser Cleaning WORK?

Laser cleaning is almost magic as it cleans without damage, chemicals, brushes, runoff or noise.

It takes advantage of the fact that everything absorbs different wavelengths of light at different rates depending on various factors such as colour and chemical composition.

PLC’s unique lasers are tuned for each job by our experts to selectively and instantly vaporise (ablate) only the unwanted layer of material ensuring the underlying surface is untouched and not damaged.

The dirt instantly disappears letting you immediately see what the cleaned surface looks like.

The laser light can be directed to only the areas you want to clean thereby avoiding impact to surrounding areas.

The level of cleaning is highly tuneable to enable our experts clean to desired patina or matching the look of surrounding areas.

What makes PLC’s lasers unique?

Precision Laser Cleaning uses the world’s most advanced and state-of-the-art lasers to provide highly-controlled, damage-free cleaning solutions.

Our lasers’ unique circular scan systems not only increase cleaning time efficiency but also ensure even cleaning and no damage to the underlying surface. Our circular scan lasers can fully clean textured or curved surfaces easily getting into all the grooves ensuring a perfect finish.

Traditional laser systems use a line scan which often causes hot spots where the laser lingers during the process which can lead to uneven cleaning and microcracking to some surfaces. Other  lasers may offer adjustable scanning patterns but they are not designed specifically for smooth circular cleaning.

PLC’s true circular scan system eliminates hot spot risk making them the best choice for fully-controlled cleaning without damage, chemicals or runoff.  Our experts deliver safe precision cleaning.

Traditional Laser Line Scan

PLC True Circular Laser Scan

What are the benefits of Laser Cleaning by PLC?

  • No damage to the underlying surface
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • No runoff compared to sandblasting, high pressure water, scraping, using detergents or solvents, etc
  • Precise cleaning
    • only clean the area you desire to clean
    • only clean to pre-determined level
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning
  • Quick set up and pack up on site
  • Our team can come to your site or clean your items in our factory
  • PLC is a division of Steamatic which provides a full range of cleaning services from its 30 locations across Australia so services beyond laser are also available

What are some common applications of PLC’s Laser Cleaning?

  • Heritage stone buildings and bridges
  • Historical items
  • Memorials and statues
  • Lead paint removal
  • Plastic, Rubber and glass mould cleaning
  • Aviation components
  • Turbine cleaning
  • Removal of rust and oxides
  • Food manufacturing hygiene
  • Military equipment maintenance
  • Fire damage restoration
  • NDT surface preparation

+ many more!