PLC’s experts can clean your industrial asset with precision, minimal setup and cleaning times, and no environmental impact using our unique circular laser cleaning technology.

Get immediate cost-effective results with minimal site impact. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore how PLC’s experts can assist you.

Key advantages of PLC Laser:

  • Quick set up and cleaning – Maximise production time
  • No Mess – No sand or blasting media to clean up
  • In situ cleaning Clean without shutting down site
  • No Hot Spots – Our unique circular scan laser systems ensure no micro-cracking damage to surface
  • Environmentally friendly – No chemicals, only light
  • Save cost on scaffold – Ability to work from EWP

Coating Removal

  • Paint / Lead Removal – Quick set up, safe operation, minimal waste disposal cost, discrete containment
  • Epoxy and Overspray Removal– Clean away unwanted resins and overspray, easily without impact to substrate
  • Prep for Paint and Coating Application – Surface profiling at ISO 8501 standards SA 2.5+

Corrosion and Oxide removal

  • Machinery Cleaning – Immediate rust and deoxidizing using only light
  • Passivation – Our laser cleaning can provide a passivation to the surface to delay the onsite of corrosion
  • Critical / Precision Components – Non-abrasive expert cleaning and no chemicals guarantees zero damage to the substrate

Surface Preparation and Cleaning

  • NDT – (Non-Destructive Testing) Surface preparation
  • Mould Cleaning – Abrasion free rubber, glass, plastic mould cleaning
  • Hospitality – Grease and oils easily removed by our experts
  • Weld Cleaning – Steel, aluminium and stainless steel