PLC is the laser cleaning arm of Australia’s largest and most experienced restoration service provider- Steamatic. PLC’s trained laser operators use high quality lasers to gently clean various contaminated surfaces and goods to the desired level of the customer.

Lasers are particularly useful to instantly clean soot off brick and natural stone without damaging the underlying surface. Call us today to discuss your needs and how PLC’s lasers can clean exactly what you want and nothing else.

Call us today to see how our expert team and technology can help you.

Disaster Recovery

  • Fire Damage – Soot and carbon are instantly removed with our laser with zero damage to the surface
  • Corrosion and Oxide Removal – Clean away rust and oxide without abrasion or chemicals
  • Stains and Overspray – Precisely remove tricky stains and overspray with the ease of laser cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal – Discrete chemical-free and abrasive-free graffiti removal without damage

Preventative Maintenance and Mechanical Cleaning

  • Critical / Precision Components and Machinery – Whether it’s soot or corrosion, PLC’s non-abrasive cleaning experts can guarantee no damage to the surface
  • Passivation – Our laser cleaning not only cleans but can provide a passivation to the surface to delay the onset of corrosion
  • In Situ Cleaning – Our highly portable system allows us to clean in situ significantly reducing business and production interruption

Steamatic Australia

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mould Remediation
  • Air Quality Services
  • Electronic and Mechanical Recovery
  • Crime scene / Trauma / Meth Lab Restoration
  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services