Offering an unmatched way of controlled and effective cleaning, the laser technology we use has a unique circular scan which provides a superior solution to alternative methods without mechanical, chemical or unauthorized thermal load on the carrier material. We provide an unmatched level of precision and care when it comes to your valuable assets.

We service clients anywhere in Australia and are a division of the Steamatic Australia national network.

  • Non-abrasive – Calibrated laser light for zero damage to substrate
  • Environmentally friendly – No chemicals or media such as sand, only light!
  • Selectable level of clean – Ability to clean to a pre-determined outcome
  • Highly portable – Easy to deploy lasers, can be used on scaffold and elevated work platforms
  • Minimal containment – Only need to enclose the immediate cleaning area
  • Instantaneous results – Visual confirmation of outcome as the work is done
  • Precise cleaning – We clean the exact area required. No over spray
  • No runoff or clean up – No media or waste to clean up post-use, only light!


Our expert team can clean with zero damage to your sensitive substrates. We use specially-designed lasers and partner with leading global conservators.


With low environmental impact and immediate results our laser cleaning service is the sought-after method of controlled cleaning and surface preparation of high value assets.

Insurance and Specialist Cleaning

Whether it’s a disaster or preventative maintenance, we assist you to effectively address damage such as smoke stains.